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Data sheet released: Operating the SuperPump AR with customized waveforms

January 16th, 2015

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A major advantage of the ViVitro Labs SuperPump AR is its ability to accurately follow user-defined and customized waveforms. The system can provide accurate flows for a wide variety of applications.

Our new data sheet explains this in detail.  Here are some highlights:

There are four options for running our fluid pump with waveforms:

  • Pre-loaded waveforms
  • ViViGen software to create and upload customized waveforms
  • External Waveform sources including function generators, PCs with I/O functionality, hardware, micro-controller development boards, and even smartphones
  • ViViTest software to drive the controller directly while performing tests

Download the Data Sheet or call or email us to learn more about ViVitro Labs Waveform options.

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