ViVitro ISO 17025 accredited laboratories now equipped with 3rd generation ViVitro Labs Heart Valve Prosthesis AWT Systems with Dual Control Technology (DCT)™

April 4th, 2024

ViVitro Labs, Victoria, Canada, is proud to announce their ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Victoria, BC Canada, and Marseille France are equipped with 3rd generation ViVitro Labs Heart Valve Prosthesis AWT Systems with Dual Control Technology (DCT)™.

ViVitro Labs Heart Valve Durability Tester with ADC™ technology

ViVitro Labs Heart Valve Durability Tester with ADC™ technology

Customers can leverage reliable data generated from validated test methods and expertise in heart valve testing using the state-of-the-art AWT equipment to fast-track heart valve prosthesis development programs. Our multi site laboratories follow the same procedures and quality requirements and provide proximity to our customers.

ViVitro heart valve durability testing clients can now enjoy the benefits of 3rd generation patent pending technology in-house or in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.  The ViVitro Labs AWT System with Dual Control Technology is designed to maintain constant leaflet closing velocities during Accelerated Wear Testing (AWT) and Dynamic Failure Mode (DFM).

Dual Control Technology offers engineers the advantage to maximize DFM success rate by reducing the impact of Frequency-Dependent failure modes (ISO 5840) during the initial 200M/400M cycling period.  By optimizing passing cycles (5% rule) while maintaining the differential pressure target, the ViVitro Labs AWT System with DCT improves predictability of AWT study completion.

The ViVitro Labs AWT System with DCT has the largest stroke volume on the market and is specifically designed to meet DFM test conditions with large valve prosthesis (tricuspid and mitral valves).

Optimize your R&D investment and resources by using our two labs with the ViVitro Labs AWT Systems with Dual Control Technology (DCT)™ to increase the predictability of AWT outcome when testing heart valve prosthesis.

Contact us to learn more about the ViVitro Accelerated Wear Tester with Dual Control Technology (DCT™) and how ViVitro Labs can help you with your cardiovascular device testing needs.

About ViVitro Labs

ViVitro Labs Inc., Canada, offers industry-leading cardiovascular test equipment and related laboratory testing and consulting services. We are the trusted partner for scalable and modular test equipment solutions through continuous innovation, and de-risking the cardiovascular device development process through repeatable and reproducible validated test methods.

ViVitro Labs management and employees bring a wealth of experience and technical expertise in cardiovascular device testing, test equipment and test method development.  We provide our clients sustainable and reliable engineering solutions that further research projects and advance medical device development.

Hundreds of organizations in over 39 countries for 35 years have trusted ViVitro expertise, reliability, and quality in testing heart valves, LVAD, interventional devices, stent, and stent-graft. ViVitro Laboratory Services have two ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories (see our ISO 17925 scope of accreditation for Marseille, France and Victoria, Canada). ViVitro Labs products are manufactured by StarFish Medical in Victoria, Canada.

CONTACT: ViVitro Labs Inc., Douglas Bigrigg, Business Development Manager, +1 (250) 940 2446


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