Cardiovascular Pioneers

ViVitro was founded by cardiovascular pioneers, David Walker and Larry Scotten.  Each month we interview a leader in cardiovascular research to share their work and honour their efforts.

INTERVIEW: Andreluiz de Sousa Cunha discusses South American cardiovascular device market

INTERVIEW:  Mr. Kenneth Chan Zhi Wei on Mitral Regurgitation and the VeloX prosthetic heart valve

INTERVIEW: Victor U. Okali discusses AAA implants, simulated environments and physician training

Cardiovascular Pioneers: Creating aortic heart valves from autologous pericardium

INTERVIEW: Dr. Rouzbeh Amini on experimental techniques and tricuspid valves, the “forgotten” valve

Interview: Michael Nagy on implantable wireless pulmonary artery sensor for outpatient hemodynamic monitoring

Wei Sun Interview: Testing and modeling of TAVR tissues

Doug Bernstein, PECA Labs

Interview: Doug Bernstein PECA Labs on the challenges and methodologies of pediatric cardiac devices

Dr. Bassil Akra Interview: ISO 17025 and the differences in North American and European regulations

Dr. Dominik Obrist

Interview: Dominik Obrist on biomedical fluid dynamicist approach to determining mechanistic causes

Interview: Muralidhar Padala on turning mechanisms of mitral valve disease into new technologies and solutions


Michel Labrosse interview: New framework helps cardiac surgeons plan aortic and mitral valve repair procedures

Interview: Sharan Ramaswamy on cardiovascular mechanobiology


Interview: Karim MOUNEIMNE discusses Europe, Israel and Africa device testing market

Dr. Arash Kheradvar

Interview: Dr. Arash Kheradvar speaks about KLAB and cardiovascular engineering

Robert Tranquillo

Interview with Robert Tranquillo: Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Interview with Larry Scotten and VSI's prototype Leonardo

Interview: Karen May-Newman & The Forces Behind Cardiovascular Device Innovation

15 Minutes with David Walker, ViVitro co-founder


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