Peripheral Circulatory Loop Accessories

The ViVitro SuperPump pulsatile flow pump can be used to create mock circulatory loops or physiological flow loops systems for in-vitro testing of cardiovascular medical devices and research applications.

ViVitro Labs provides off-the-shelf ready to use accessories that can be easily connected to the SuperPump to create flow loops specific to peripheral applications in device testing, as well as pre and post-clinical research. Peripheral applications include flow loops to simulate systemic, pulmonary, neurovascular, upper limbs, and lower limbs circulation flow loops.

Peripheral circulation specific accessories include a pump head which is a simple expression of a heart model. The pump head is composed of a ventricular sac and two valve orifices that can host heart valve prosthesis or simple spring loaded disk valves. The ventricular sac acts as a membrane interface between test fluid from pump fluid.

A tray is designed to host vascular models of various sizes and anatomical complexity. The tray functional area can be adjusted to fit small and large vascular models and acts as a support for soft polymeric or tissue vascular models.

Also see accessories for Cardiac Circulatory Loops.

SuperPump Accessories commonly used
in Peripheral Flow Loop applications

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