ViVitest Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Product Code: 08530

ViVitest is part of the ViVitro Data Acquisition System (DAS) family of software products. Combined with the Pulse Duplicator System it collects hydrodynamic testing data to meet ISO 5840 requirements. ViVitest software controls the SuperPump pulsatile pump while simultaneously measuring pressure and flow data. It monitors, processes, and reports data such as regurgitant fraction, effective orifice area (EOA), and other valve performance indicators. The I/O Module and AmPack provide the interface from the pressure transducers to the Data Acquisition System. Suitable for use with the Pulse Duplicator, SuperPump , Endovascular Simulator and Real-Time Wear Tester. Sold w/ or w/o  I/O Module (PN 08311). Separate instrumentation required for pressure and flow measurement. Sold separately from Data Acquisition System (DAS)

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  • Configured for 64-bit Windows 7 & 10 operating systems
  • Backwards compatible with ViVitro products
  • .Net 3 Platform
  • Flow and pressure readings real time collection and analysis per ISO 5840-2:2015, ISO 5840-3:2013 and FDA requirements
  • Calibration wizards for friendly users set up process
  • Calibration wizards for facilitating a wide array of data collection options.
  • Pressure and flow data collection for complete hydrodynamic performance assessment (Require pressure and flow instrumentation)
  • Provides output files in versatile formats for easy analysis in Excel and MatLab
  • Waveform control: Ability to create and control cardiac waveforms at various physiological states and frequencies, including arrhythmia and wave trains
  • Waveform control: Can be easily created with up to 1200 control statements
  • Singular program eliminates the need for intrusive third party software
  • Installer allows for easy updates
  • ViVitest Screen Capture
    ViVitest Screen Capture
  • ViVitest with I/O module and Pressure Measurement System (Sold Separately)

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