ViVitro Labs

The ViVitro team brings extensive cardiovascular testing experience to your project.

  • We provide scalable and modular test equipment and services to cover fundamental research, early-stage, and V&V design activities.   
  • We leverage our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to provide reliable, repeatable, reproducible validated test methods and test equipment solutions to assess the performance of devices under real-time and accelerated conditions.
  • We combine our testing laboratory and R&D expertise to provide forward-looking test methods and test equipment solutions tailored to cardiovascular innovation needs.

As an active member of several ISO and ASTM working groups, ViVitro Labs is always on the forefront of innovation and regulation.

ViVitro Labs management and employees bring a wealth of experience and technical expertise in cardiovascular device testing, test equipment and test method development.  We provide our clients sustainable and reliable engineering solutions that further research projects and advance medical device development.

Karim Mouneimné


Karim Mouneimné brings over 25 years of medical device industry experience in Europe and the US. He has held commercial development and R&D positions with manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson and Edwards Lifesciences. Karim founded Venture Medical Solutions (VMED) and served as Managing Director until the company was acquired by PROTOMED in 2008. The architect, President and CEO of ProtomedLabs, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory specialized in cardiovascular device performance testing, Karim adds a global perspective with deep technical and client knowledge to ViVitro leadership. Karim holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Vincent Garitey

Director of Engineering Services

Vincent Garitey has over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry. He holds several device patents with French Key Opinion Leaders. As a former AFNOR and AFSSAPS expert, Vincent reinforces ViVitro Labs leadership position in cardiovascular device testing. Vincent played a major role in establishing ISO standard specifications for cardiac valve prosthesis. He spent 5 years as a scientist for MecaBio specializing cardio-vascular devices research and was the lead engineering in the development of Prof. Alain Carpentier’s mechanical valve prosthesis, a collaborative project with BAXTER Healthcare and SICN. Garitey holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from Université de la Méditerranée.

Yunquan (Ian) Chen

Director of Innovations and Technology

Ian Chen has over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry. He holds over 10 US and over 20 Chinese medical device patents. He served as senior R&D managers in medical device companies in Canada for over 10 years and as executives of medical device start up companies in China for 10 years. His expertise includes bioelectric signal and cardiovascular pressure data acquisition and processing, product development, manufacturing and quality control, and regulatory approval of medical devices. Ian holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Troy Nickel

Director of Product Development

Troy brings extensive experience in cardiovascular device testing including director positions in R&D, new business development and product management. Prior to joining ViVitro, Troy was Senior Product Manager at TA Instruments where he led product strategy & marketing and application support for ElectroForce mechanical test systems. He has led design projects, design teams, technology research, and voice of customer projects at EnduraTEC Systems, Bose Corporation/ElectroForce, and TA Instruments. Troy holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Janet Murray

Operations Manager

Janet Murray brings 14 years of experience in Operations Management, Sales, and Customer Service for diverse industries including software and publishing. As Operations Manager, she leads all aspects of Client Relations and Technical Support, managing order processing and customer post-order communication. Janet interfaces with various cross-functional groups and departments to ensure quality and on time delivery of ViVitro offerings. She is committed to growing service offerings and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Janet holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in English from Concordia University.

A history of innovation, a reputation for excellence.

ViVitro Systems was founded by David Walker, Ph.D. and Larry Scotten, Dipl. T. in the mid-1970s. Their initial challenge was to build test equipment to evaluate a heart valve developed in the Cardiac Development Lab at Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital. David and Larry’s prototype (built using a VW piston) was soon able to simulate valve positioning and physiological compliance accurately and repeatedly. Further development resulted in the first commercial Pulse Duplicator in 1984. The team later developed the HiCycle accelerated durability tester – a system that became recognized as the world’s most efficient and cost effective means of assessing heart valve durability.

In 2009, ViVitro Systems assets were acquired by StarFish Group and renamed ViVitro Labs. StarFish Group is a Victoria BC-based company that includes StarFish Medical, a medical device design development and manufacturing firm. Their co-located relationship enables ViVitro to leverage extensive medical device development expertise and quality systems.

Current Team

ViVitro Labs Full Staff Picture


ViVitro acquires ProtomedLabs SASU


Endovascular Simulator


Larry and David view the ViVitro museum with Gerry Wight, GM.


Fortis Hitech Ltd is signed as China distributor.


Real Time Wear Tester is introduced.


ViVitro Labs testing services earn ISO 17025 accreditation for Durability Testing, Pulsatile-Flow Testing, and Steady Flow Testing for Haemolytic and Thrombogenic properties of Device Design.


Pulse Duplicator, SuperPump and HiCycle Advanced Research (AR) Series introduced migrating system from analog to digital. Lower voltage controller improves safety.


ViViTest upgrade: I/O module is created replacing the VIVIBOX connector Box PC.


ViVitro products and assets are acquired by StarFish Medical.


StarFish Medical begins manufacturing some products for ViVitro Systems.


ViVitro Systems Inc at Royal Jubilee Hospital.


First presentation describing the SuperPump at AAMI meeting in Dallas, TX with Larry Scotten.


First SuperPump


Bubble-shaped leaflets
made from bovine pericardium.


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