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Mirgolbabaee H, van de Velde L, Geelkerken RH, Versluis M, Groot Jebbink E, Reijnen MMPJ. Journal of Endovascular Therapy. 2023;0(0).

To identify potential hemodynamic predictors for limb thrombosis (LT) following endovascular aneurysm repair with the Anaconda endograft in a patient-specific phantom. A hydraulic piston-driven pump (SuperPump, ViVitro labs, Victoria) was used to set a suprarenal flow profile as inlet boundary condition. In conclusion, these in vitro data show that unfavorable hemodynamics are present in the limb that presented with LT, compared to the non-thrombosed side, with higher VC and longer RT.

Other Products Cited:  Endovascular Simulator  Flow Visualization  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Stent and Stent/Graft  SuperPump

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Arian Aghilinejad, Heng Wei, Coskun Bilgi, Alberto Paredes, Alexander DiBartolomeo, Gregory Magee, Niema Pahlevan, J Biomech Eng. 1-31

Type B aortic dissection is a life-threatening medical emergency that can result in rupture of the aorta. The aortic simulator is a hydraulic model that has physical and dynamical properties similar to the human circulatory system. This hydraulic model consists of a piston-in-cylinder pump (ViVitro Labs Inc.) that generates a physiologically accurate pulsatile flow (using a programmable waveform generator ViVigen) and a pump head, including a silicone ventricle membrane, mitral valve, and aortic valve. Results demonstrate that the deep-learning model can accurately capture the dissection geometry from patients’ medical images.

Other Products Cited:  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  SuperPump

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Leila Louise Benhassen, Jacob Hesselby Hedensted, Mona Sharghbin, Tommy Bechsgaard, Sten Lyager Nielsen, John Michael Hasenkam, Peter Johansen, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Volume 63, Issue 5, May 2023

For patients with isolated aortic regurgitation, a double sub- and supravalvular annuloplasty has been shown to reduce recurrent aortic regurgitation after aortic valve repair compared with a single subvalvular annuloplasty. The ventricular chamber was connected to an electromechanical piston pump system (Superpump AR series, ViVitro labs, Victoria, Canada). These two findings support the concept of a functional aortic annulus, where the two levels interact and affect the function and competence of the aortic valve.

Other Products Cited:  Ex ViVo Simulation  Pulsatile Flow Simulation

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M. Marin-Cuartas, Y. Zhu, A. M. Imbrie-Moore, M. H. Park, R. J. Wilkerson, M. Leipzig, P. K. Pandya, M. J. Paulsen, M. A. Borger, Y. J. Woo, Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (2021) 1–9

...The severity of acute papillary muscle (PM) rupture varies according to the extent and site of the rupture. However, the haemodynamic effects of different rupture variations are still poorly understood...A 3D printer (Carbon 3D, Redwood City, CA, USA) was used to prototype a modular left heart (left atrium and ventricle) and was mounted to a pulsatile linear piston pump (ViVitro Superpump; ViVitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada)...

Other Products Cited:  Heart Valve Repair  SuperPump

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K. Busink

...the Vivitro pump, labeled F, (SuperPump, ViVitro labs,Victoria, Canada) was used to create the oscillatory waveform...

Other Products Cited:  Flow Visualization  SuperPump

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Michael J Paulsen, Annabel M Imbrie-Moore, Hanjay Wang, Jung Hwa Bae, Camille E Hironaka, Justin M Farry, Haley J Lucian, Akshara D Thakore, John W MacArthur, Jr, Mark R Cutkosky, Y Joseph Woo - European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, ezz258

Posterior ventricular anchoring neochordal (PVAN) repair is a non-resectional technique for correcting mitral regurgitation (MR) due to posterior leaflet prolapse, utilizing a single suture anchored in the myocardium behind the leaflet... ...Porcine mitral valves were mounted in a 3-dimensional-printed heart simulator and chordal forces, haemodynamics and echocardiography were collected at baseline, after inducing MR by severing chordae, and after PVAN repair.... ...PVAN repair eliminates MR by positioning the posterior leaflet for coaptation, distributing forces throughout the valve....

Other Products Cited:  Ex ViVo Simulation  SuperPump

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Onur Dur, Keif Fitzgerald, Paul Muller, Chris Parker Thoratec Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA company slide

The HeartMate PHP is a 13F catheter-based trans-aortic heart pump with a collapsible distal portion that expands to 24F to provide minimally invasive acute hemodynamic stabilization and left ventricular unloading in both prophylactic and emergent clinical settings... Objective: To evaluate the interaction of the HeartMate PHP with native cardiovascular system via in vitro pulsatile mock flow loop testing. A custom-built pulsatile heart simulator adapted from Vivitro Pulse Duplicator (Vivitro Labs Inc., Canada) was tuned to generate physiological flow pressure waveforms while mimicking the preload sensitivity of the native heart.

Other Products Cited:  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Pulse Duplicator  VAD Testing

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