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Janarthanan Sathananthan, Stephanie Sellers, Aaron Barlow, Rob Fraser, Viktória Stanová, Anson Cheung, Jian Ye, Abdullah Alenezi, Dale J. Murdoch, Mark Hensey, Danny Dvir, Philipp Blanke, Régis Rieu, David Wood, Phillippe Pibarot, Jonathan Leipsic and John Webb - JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions Volume 11, Issue 17, September 2018

Objectives This study assessed the effect of overexpansion beyond labeled size (diameter) of transcatheter heart valves through an ex vivo bench study... Background Transcatheter heart valves function optimally when expanded to specific dimensions. However, clinicians may sometimes wish to overexpand balloon-expandable valves to address specific clinical challenges. The implications of overexpansion have assumed considerable importance, and objective information to guide practice is limited...

Other Products Cited:  Pulse Duplicator

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