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D. W. Gonring, Z. R. Zottola, A. A. Hirad, R. Lakony, M. S. Richards, G. Pitcher, M. C. Stoner, D. S. Mix, JVS-Vascular Science, 2024

We 3D-printed axisymmetric tissue-mimicking phantom hydrogel vessels from polyvinyl alcohol cryogel (PVA-c), a material that has previously been biologically validated against vascular tissue. Water was pumped through the phantom using a ViVitro SuperPump (Victoria, British Columbia, CA) cardiac simulator. We found that the percent reduction in average pressure normalized strain increased as the degree of graft oversizing increased.

Other Products Cited:  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Stent and Stent/Graft

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Karl, R., Leister, R., Stroh, L., Mereles, D., Eden, M., Neff, L., Simone, R.D., Romano, G., Kriegseis, J., Karck, M., Lichtenstern, C., Frey, N., Frohnapfel, B., Stroh, A., & Engelhardt, S.

Mitral regurgitation (MR) is one of the most common valvular heart conditions and caused by the retrograde flow of blood from the left ventricle (LV) into the left atrium (LA) through the mitral valve (MV). The frequency of the pump (ViVitro SuperPump, ViVitro Labs, Inc., Victoria, Canada) is adjusted to 80 bpm and the stroke volume of the pump is set to reach a left ventricular pressure of approximately 120 mmHg. The present work compares the measurement of regurgitation jet by ultrasound accomplished by three different physicians with three different systems.

Other Products Cited:  Analysis and Computational Modeling  Flow Visualization  Heart Valve Testing

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Meskin, M., Starkey, P.A., Kaspersen, A.E. et al. Sci Rep 14, 1864 (2024).

To understand the mechanisms and to assess the performance of cardiac devices and interventions, in vitro models can be used to replicate the complex physiological interplay between the pulmonary veins, left atrium, and left ventricle. It includes a pulsatile electromechanical pump (SuperPump AR Series, ViVitro Labs, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) that provides the volume changes in the rigid LV chamber during the cardiac cycle. This study presents a new versatile left heart MCL that accurately captures the complex and interrelated sequences of left heart events and provides supplementary understanding of left heart fluid dynamics.

Other Products Cited:  Ex ViVo Simulation  Heart Valve Testing  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Pulse Duplicator

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Mirgolbabaee H, van de Velde L, Geelkerken RH, Versluis M, Groot Jebbink E, Reijnen MMPJ. Journal of Endovascular Therapy. 2023;0(0).

To identify potential hemodynamic predictors for limb thrombosis (LT) following endovascular aneurysm repair with the Anaconda endograft in a patient-specific phantom. A hydraulic piston-driven pump (SuperPump, ViVitro labs, Victoria) was used to set a suprarenal flow profile as inlet boundary condition. In conclusion, these in vitro data show that unfavorable hemodynamics are present in the limb that presented with LT, compared to the non-thrombosed side, with higher VC and longer RT.

Other Products Cited:  Customized Circulatory Loop  Endovascular Simulator  Flow Visualization  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Stent and Stent/Graft

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Wu, X., Saaid, H., Voorneveld, J., et al. Cardiovasc Eng Tech (2023).

The development of reliable techniques and analysis tools is essential for the application of hemodynamic biomarkers in clinical practice. A commercial piston pump (Vivitro Labs Inc., BC, Canada) was used to impose a sinusoidal-like volume change of the external pressure chamber with a cardiac cycle period of 857 ms (70 bpm, systolic duration of 300 ms, stroke volume 50 ml). The results show that the pressure distribution along the (longitudinal) base-apex axis reverses at the onset and the termination of the LV filling and ejecting, respectively.

Other Products Cited:  Flow Visualization  Pulsatile Flow Simulation

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Zhu Y, Park MH, Pandya PK, Stark CJ, Mullis DM, Walsh SK, Kim JY, Wu CA, Baccouche BM, Lee SH, Baraka AS, Joo H, Yajima S, Elde S, Woo YJ. Ann Cardiothorac Surg 2023;12(4):326-337

The goal was to preserve the native aortic valve (AV) leaflets in patients with aortic root aneurysm with or without aortic regurgitation (AR). The ex vivo system consists of a linear piston pump (ViVitro Superpump, ViVitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada) to generate a physiologic waveform in compliance with ISO 5840 standards. Similar to our previous ex vivo evaluation of the VSARR operation, we again confirmed that SG, compared with sinus containing graft, most closely recapitulated the native aortic root biomechanics.

Other Products Cited:  Endovascular Simulator  Ex ViVo Simulation

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Mariam Abdi Noor, Leila Louise Benhassen, Alexander Emil Kaspersen, Marc Gjern Weiss, John Michael Hasenkam, Peter Johansen, J. of Cardiovasc. Trans. Res.

The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare a novel open aortic annuloplasty ring (the A-ring) with the Dacron ring. The ventricular chamber was coupled to a digitally controlled piston pump (SuperPump AR Series, ViVitro Labs, Victoria, Canada), delivering a pulsatile flow to simulate left ventricular ejection into the aortic root. Overall, the echographic data revealed that both interventions had a downsizing effect on the aortic root, while still maintaining the distensibility comparable to the native condition.

Other Products Cited:  Heart Valve Repair  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Pulse Duplicator

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Arian Aghilinejad, Heng Wei, Coskun Bilgi, Alberto Paredes, Alexander DiBartolomeo, Gregory Magee, Niema Pahlevan, J Biomech Eng. 1-31

Type B aortic dissection is a life-threatening medical emergency that can result in rupture of the aorta. The aortic simulator is a hydraulic model that has physical and dynamical properties similar to the human circulatory system. This hydraulic model consists of a piston-in-cylinder pump (ViVitro Labs Inc.) that generates a physiologically accurate pulsatile flow (using a programmable waveform generator ViVigen) and a pump head, including a silicone ventricle membrane, mitral valve, and aortic valve. Results demonstrate that the deep-learning model can accurately capture the dissection geometry from patients’ medical images.

Other Products Cited:  Customized Circulatory Loop  Pulsatile Flow Simulation

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Stephanie Sincomb, Francisco Moral-Pulido, Obed Campos, Carlos Martínez-Bazán, Victor Haughton, and Antonio L. Sánchez

The cerebrospinal fluid filling the ventricles of the brain moves with a cyclic velocity driven by the transmantle pressure, or instantaneous pressure difference between the lateral ventricles and the cerebral subarachnoid space. The periodic flow was generated with a programmable piston pump (SuperPump AR, ViVitro Labs, Victoria, Canada) connected through semi-rigid tubing to a ball valve located near the bottom of one of the reservoirs. MRI-informed in-vitro experiments have been used to evaluate the pressure difference between the third to fourth ventricles in the brain Δp, yielding results in good agreement with those of a previously derived mathematical model.

Other Products Cited:  MRI compatibility

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Diya Wang, Boris Chayer, François Destrempes, Jonathan Porée, Marie-Hélène Roy Cardinal, François Tournoux, Guy Cloutier, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control (Volume: 69, Issue: 12, December 2022) Page(s): 3284 - 3296

Assessment of myocardial contractility during a stress test is of high clinical value for the diagnosis and evaluation of cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary disease and heart failure. Both ends of this left-ventricular mimicking phantom (wall thickness of 15 mm) was then connected to polyvinyl chloride tubing by a pair of loosely attached steel clamps to a pulse duplicator (model #SD2001-1, ViVitro systems Inc., Victoria, BC, Canada). The complex, large, and rapid myocardial deformation during stress tests were also accurately imaged by the proposed strain estimator with close agreement with sonomicrometry.

Other Products Cited:  Endovascular Simulator  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Ultrasound Measurements

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Luca Rosalia, Caglar Ozturk, Jaume Coll-Font, Yiling Fan, Yasufumi Nagata, Manisha Singh, Debkalpa Goswami, Adam Mauskapf, Shi Chen, Robert A. Eder, Efrat M. Goffer, Jo H. Kim, Salva Yurista, Benjamin P. Bonner, Anna N. Foster, Robert A. Levine, Elazer R. Edelman, Marcello Panagia, Jose L. Guerrero, Ellen T. Roche & Christopher T. Nguyen, Nature Biomedical Engineering volume 6, pages 1134–1147 (2022)

Advances in soft robotics have led to the development of high-fidelity simulators of pathophysiology for biomedical applications. An MCL was built using a pulsatile pump (SuperPump, ViVitro Labs), an anatomically accurate compliant silicone aortic vessel (E ≈ 1 MPa, United Biologics) connected to two adjustable compliance chambers (that is, ventricular, systemic), and a resistive valve. The models leverage haemodynamic mimicry and may facilitate the development of patient-specific applications. The models could also facilitate the clinical translation of treatments; in particular, a cohort of AS patients could be recapitulated in an in vivo porcine model, and new treatments could be evaluated preclinically.

Other Products Cited:  Endovascular Simulator  Ex ViVo Simulation  Flow Visualization  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Tissue Engineering

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Lisa Carlson Hanse, Marcell J Tjørnild, Simon G Sørensen, Peter Johansen, Ignacio Lugones, Vibeke E Hjortdal, Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery, Volume 35, Issue 4, October 2022, ivac227

We investigated a new surgical technique of trileaflet semilunar valve reconstruction possessing the potential of remaining sufficient and allowing for some growth with the child. Pulsatile flow was produced by a Series piston pump (SuperPump AR; ViVitro Labs, Victoria, Canada), connected to the ventricular chamber. TSVR was achievable in vitro. Hydrodynamic pressure and echocardiographic evaluations demonstrated a sufficient and non-stenotic neo-valve.

Other Products Cited:  Heart Valve Testing  Pulsatile Flow Simulation

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Paulo Yu, Vibhav Durgesh, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol 138, October 1 2022

Aneurysms are abnormal expansion of weakened blood vessels which can be debilitating or fatal upon rupture. Previous studies have shown that hemodynamics play a role in aneurysm formation, growth and rupture. Therefore, the objective of this work is to investigate the impact of flow structures on vortex strength, impinging location, and wall shear stress for two aneurysm models. ...The inflow parameters used in this study, and , were controlled using a ViVitro Labs Inc. SuperPump system... ...The flow evolution results showed that impacted the vortex formation, growth, and dissipation processes for the studied aneurysm model...

Other Products Cited:  Analysis and Computational Modeling  Flow Visualization  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Stent and Stent/Graft

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Paulo Yu, Vibhav Durgesh, Fluids, 2022, 7, 165.

Aneurysms are localized expansions of blood vessels which can be fatal upon rupture. Studies have shown that aneurysm flows exhibit complex flow phenomena which consist of single or multiple vortical structures that move within the flow cycle. ...Rep and α were the inflow parameters used to match and simulate the conditions in the human circulatory system. These inflow parameters were precisely controlled with a ViVitro Labs Inc. SuperPump system... ...Both POD and DMD are capable analysis tools to investigate the spatial and temporal behavior of large-scale structures of a given flow field. POD and DMD can be used to create mathematical models to look into the flow evolution in sufficiently high detail and at any time step...

Other Products Cited:  Flow Visualization

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L. van de Velde, E. Groot Jebbink, B. A. Zambrano, M. Versluis, J. Tessarek & M. M. P. J. Reijnen: CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology (2022)

...To assess this flow diverting strategy for popliteal aneurysms, flow profiles and thrombus formation likelihood were investigated in popliteal aneurysm models... ...The model was placed in a circulating flow set-up with a blood-mimicking fluid (Fig. 3). At the inlet, a hydraulic piston pump (SuperPump, ViVitro labs, Victoria, Canada) was used to enforce time-varying forward flow...

Other Products Cited:  Pulsatile Flow Simulation  Stent and Stent/Graft

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Paulo Yu, Vibhav Durgesh, Fluids, 2022

...Rep and α were two inflow parameters used in this study, and these were controlled using a ViVitro Labs Inc. (Victoria, BC, Canada) SuperPump system...POD provides a method for analyzing complex flow phenomena in great detail. It can be used to study a variety of unsteady, physiological flows to understand the behavior of energetic flow structures..

Other Products Cited:  Flow Visualization

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N Norris, K Lewis, C Settanni, T Becker, A Ducruet, Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery 2021, 13 (Suppl 1)

...Physiologically-relevant patient flow parameters were tuned within the system using a Super Pump AR (ViVitro Labs)...This in-vitro aneurysm flow model utilized the latest in UV-cured 3D-printing techniques to provide a realistic simulation of neurovascular tortuosity and aneurysm device delivery...

Other Products Cited:  Pulsatile Flow Simulation

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M. Marin-Cuartas, Y. Zhu, A. M. Imbrie-Moore, M. H. Park, R. J. Wilkerson, M. Leipzig, P. K. Pandya, M. J. Paulsen, M. A. Borger, Y. J. Woo, Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (2021) 1–9

...The severity of acute papillary muscle (PM) rupture varies according to the extent and site of the rupture. However, the haemodynamic effects of different rupture variations are still poorly understood...A 3D printer (Carbon 3D, Redwood City, CA, USA) was used to prototype a modular left heart (left atrium and ventricle) and was mounted to a pulsatile linear piston pump (ViVitro Superpump; ViVitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada)...

Other Products Cited:  Customized Circulatory Loop  Heart Valve Repair

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A. Imbrie-Moore, Y. Zhu, T. Bandy-Vizcaino, M. Park, R. Wilkerson, Y. Woo, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 49

Driven by a pulsatile linear piston pump (ViVitro Superpump, ViVitro Labs, Victoria, BC, Canada) which generates physiologic hemodynamics in accordance with ISO 5840 in vitro cardiac valve testing standards.

Other Products Cited:  Heart Valve Repair

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B. Ncho, A. Siefert, V. Sadri, J. Ortner, A. Yoganathan. Journal or Med. Devices

The physiologic pressures and flows were achieved by adjustment of systemic resistance and compliance elements, and flow driven from a piston pump (Vivitro Labs Inc. Victoria, Canada).

Other Products Cited:  Flow Visualization  Heart Valve Testing

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