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Andrew K. Capullia, Maximillian Y. Emmerta, b, c, Francesco S. Pasqualinia, b, Debora Kehlb, Etem Caliskanb, c, Johan U. Linda, Sean P. Sheehya, Sung Jin Parka, Seungkuk Ahna, Benedikt Webera, b, Josue A. Gossa, Simon P. Hoerstrupa, b, Kevin Kit Parkera; Biomaterials Volume 133, July 2017, Pages 229–241

Tissue engineered scaffolds have emerged as a promising solution for heart valve replacement because of their potential for regeneration. However, traditional heart valve tissue engineering has relied on resource-intensive, cell-based manufacturing, which increases cost and hinders clinical translation. ...We demonstrated controlled modulation of these scaffold parameters and show initial biocompatibility and functionality in vitro...

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Cole Feagler, Zeeshan Syedain and Robert Tranquillo University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering Poster Report

While most commercial valves today use chemically-fixed porcine tissue in the construction of the replacement valves, the Tranquillo group has been exploring the use of decellularized, engineered tissue as leaflet material... ...The goal of this project was to engineer a commissure design to mitigate valve failure through tissue tearing, and to improve overall valve hemodynamics. (I.e. reduction of PVL)... ...Prototype TEHVs were tested to failure using a ViVitro Labs pulse duplicator, running custom LabView data acquisition software...

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Clara Seaman, Andrew McNally, Stephen Biddle, Lauren Jankowski, Philippe Sucosky Presented in part at the 2013 Biomedical Engineering Society Conference, September 2013, Seattle, WA, and at the 2013 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, June 2013, Sunriver, OR, USA

The study aim was to develop a laboratory protocol for the fabrication of tissue valve models mimicking mild and moderate calcific stenosis, for future use in flow studies. ... near-physiologic hemodynamics. The flow loop was driven by a programmable piston pump (Vivitro), and included resistance and compliance units to mimic the characteristics of the systemic vascular tree (Fig. 3A). The system ...

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James N. Warnock, Suchitra Konduri; Journal of Biomechanical Engineering: 127, Issue 5; 857.

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Steven Goldstein, PhDa, David R. Clarke, MDb, Steven P. Walsh, PhDa, Kirby S. Black, PhDa, Mark F. O’Brien, MDc; The Annals of Thoracic Surgery: 70; 1962-1969; 2000.

Tissue engineering approaches utilizing biomechanically suitable cell-conductive matrixes should extend xenograft heart valve performance, durability, and growth potential to an extent presently attained only by the pulmonary autograft. To test this hypothesis, we developed an acellular, unfixed porcine aortic valve-based construct. The performance of this valve has been evaluated in vitro under simulated aortic conditions, as a pulmonary valve replacement in sheep, and in aortic and pulmonary valve replacement in humans.

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Ronald C. Elkins, MDa, Patti E. Dawson, BSb, Steven Goldstein, PhDb, Steven P. Walsh, PhDb, Kirby S. Black, PhDb; The Annals of Thoracic Surgery: 71; S428-S432; 2001.

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ZH Syedain, LA Meier, JM Reimer… – Annals of biomedical …, 2013 – Springer

A novel tissue-engineered heart valve (TEHV) was fabricated from a decellularized tissue tube mounted on a frame with three struts, which upon back-pressure cause the tube to collapse into three coapting "leaflets." The tissue was completely biological, fabricated from ovine fibroblasts dispersed within a fibrin gel,...

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J Luo, SA Korossis, SPP Wilshaw, LM Jennings… – Tissue Engineering, 2014

… testing. The flow simulator has been described previously. 27 It mimicked the right heart and was controlled and monitored by the ViviTest software (Vivitro Systems Inc). The simulator was set up as described by Korossis et al. …

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