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Peacock J, Hankins S, Jones T, Lutz R. Journal of Biomechanics: 28, Issue 1; 17-26.

An in vitro pulse duplicator system was used to investigate whether coronary artery stents induce downstream flow instabilities. Hot film or electrochemical probes were used to measure wall shear stress before and after deployment of both single and multiple (overlapping) stents in normal and diseased coronary geometries...

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Chander Sadasivana, Baruch B. Lieberc, Matthew J. Gounisc, Demetrius K. Lopese and L. N. Hopkinsb; American Journal of Neuroradiology: 23; 1214-1221.

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Minsuok Kim; Ciprian Ionita; Rekha Tranquebar; Kenneth R. Hoffmann; Dale B. Taulbee; Hui Meng; Stephen Rudin - Proceedings Volume 6143, Medical Imaging 2006: Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images; 61432G (2006) Event: Medical Imaging, 2006, San Diego, California, United States

Stenting may provide a new, less invasive therapeutic option for cerebral aneurysms. However, a conventional porous stent may be insufficient in modifying the blood flow for clinical aneurysms. We designed an asymmetric stent consisting of a low porosity patch welded onto a porous stent for an anterior cerebral artery aneurysm of a specific patient geometry to block the strong inflow jet... … 2.5. Angiographic flow visualization The rapid prototype aneurysm model was inserted in a flow loop consisting of a waveform generator, a pump, and a flow meter; the flow was activated by a heart simulating pump (Vivitro Systems Inc., Canada) …

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S Fortini, S Espa, R Toninato, L Pacetti, G Querzoli… - assessment, 2012 -

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F Kabinejadian, HL Leo, A Danpinid, - World Congress on …, 2013 - Springer

Stenosed carotid artery is responsible for 60% of strokes in the United States and is the third major cause of death. Recently, there is an increasing interest in carotid artery stenting for treatment of cervical carotid artery bifurcation atherosclerotic disease. The ultimate goal of this study is to develop, prototype, test, and optimize a novel design of a covered carotid stent, in order to achieve emboli prevention and...

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